Abby Liebenthal - Founder, Fore the Ladies, Inc. and USGA Senior Manager for U.S. Open Fan Engagement


Abby Liebenthal's passion for golf has opened a lot of interesting doors in her career. She’s worked with some of the leading organizations and brands in the golf industry including the AJGA, Tiger Woods Foundation, Titleist, Imperial Hats, and now the USGA. Her background in marketing and communications has helped her become a leading voice for how to engage golf fans with major brands. With the USGA, Liebenthal works to create memorable experiences and unique engagements for fans at the Men’s and Women’s U.S. Opens. Her career in golf has also led to a highly impactful side venture called Fore the Ladies that's changing how many women enjoy the game. Fore the Ladies is a non profit the Liebenthal founded with the purpose of creating fun and engaging experiences for women who want to both learn the game of golf and connect with others who love the game. What began as a single clinic has now grown into a movement with nationwide reach. Only a few years into the venture, Liebenthal has built a substantial golf community through Fore the Ladies and all signs point to continued growth. She has clinic and other gatherings scheduled across the country this year the women she has helped bring together are even taking matters into their own hands in their respective cities. As much as we all hate to use the phrase "grow the game", Liebenthal's Fore the Ladies initiative is doing just that. During our discussion we dove into her career and talked about how golf brands are connecting with fans better than ever today. We also spent considerable time chatting about why she founded Fore the Ladies and where she hopes to take the organization in the future. Liebenthal is exactly the sort of person that golf needs more of and I'm delighted we got the chance to speak. One of these days we will surely tee it up somewhere and I hope to see a Fore the Ladies event in person soon. I've got a feeling that with her leadership and bold ideas the movement will only keep growing. To learn more about Fore the Ladies and the great work happening there please visit Also, be sure to follow Abby on Twitter at @AbbyLiebs Thanks as always for listening to Mid-Am Crisis. The show is brought to you by my friends at Imagine Golf – the #1 app for the mental game. Download Imagine Golf today and start your journey to an improved way of thinking on and off the course. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @JayRevell and find more or my work at If you enjoy the show, I would love for you to leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Cheers, -J Mid-Am Crisis is a production of Revell Media, LLC