In Conversation: Jim Sitar - Founder, Back Nine Press

A discussion about modern publishing, golf books, and my latest title - Swing, Walk, Repeat.

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There have been a lot of upstart golf businesses that have launched during the game's most recent boom. One of the most fascinating ventures is a new publishing company called Back Nine Press. Based out of Chicago, the company is on a mission to publish books about golf that they believe the game deserves. According to founder Jim Sitar, Back Nine Press is seeking to publish great stories that define golf today, personal reflections on the meaning of the game, and compelling writing about the people who are forging the future of golf.

Back Nine Press hit the ground running this Summer with the launch of their first book, The Secret Home of Golf - the official history of Sweetens Cove Golf Club by author Jim Hartsell. Their follow up effort is none other than my new book Swing, Walk, Repeat! This week on the Mid-Am Crisis Podcast, Back Nine Press founder Jim Sitar joins me on the show to discuss his new publishing company, what the business has been like so far, and of course the process of publishing my new book which is now available for pre-order.

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Getting to know Jim Sitar has been a great pleasure and I've loved every minute of working with him on my new book. Swing, Walk, Repeat is a collection of over 230 love letters to golf that I wrote during the height of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020. In many ways these mini-essays are like my golf manifesto. I'm thrilled to have the work complete and to share it with the world soon. Having the chance to reflect on that journey with Jim Sitar on the show was a lot of fun too.

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