Nov 23, 2020 • 50M

Alan Shipnuck - Senior Writer,

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Jay Revell
Hi, my name is Jay Revell and golf is a massive part of my life. Lately, I've begun to worry that it might consume too much of it. With a young family, a startup media business, and a scratch handicap, I explore what it means to be addicted to golf in the modern world. On the show, I dive into the good, bad, ugly, and glorious in conversations with folks battling to find a balance between golf, life, and everything in between. Join me for conversations with some of golf's most interesting folks as we discuss just how much the game means to us all. Welcome to Mid-Am Crisis.
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Alan Shipnuck is one of the most prolific writers in golf. His stories and columns on the game have long been among the best writing in the sport. He began his career as a sort of "child prodigy" at Sports Illustrated and a few decades later is Senior Writer for and Golf Magazine. Shipnuck is best known for writing long-form pieces that dive deep into the people and places that he's covering. He's also a great follow on Twitter and very generous in helping new writers find opportunities to share their work on a big stage. I can speak to that from personal experience. Shipnuck always makes for a great chat and we spoke as he was just getting home from a week in Augusta, Georgia for the historic 2020 Masters tournament. Shipnuck was one of the limited number of media members present at the fanless November Masters and in our conversation, he offered a full breakdown of the vibe on the ground there. We also discussed the state of media in the game, how technology has changed our understanding of greatness among the top professionals, and what life is like living in one of America's great golf meccas. After talking with Shipnuck, I'm looking forward to the next time I can visit the Monterey Peninsula, especially with an invite to play with him on the table.

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