Mar 16, 2021 • 1HR 9M

Christian Hafer - Chief Photographer, Golf Magazine/

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Jay Revell
Hi, my name is Jay Revell and golf is a massive part of my life. Lately, I've begun to worry that it might consume too much of it. With a young family, a startup media business, and a scratch handicap, I explore what it means to be addicted to golf in the modern world. On the show, I dive into the good, bad, ugly, and glorious in conversations with folks battling to find a balance between golf, life, and everything in between. Join me for conversations with some of golf's most interesting folks as we discuss just how much the game means to us all. Welcome to Mid-Am Crisis.
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Christian Hafer photographs always move me in some way. That's why I'm really glad he decided to focus his craft on golf. I started following Hafer on Instagram back when he was relatively unknown and always was quick to compliment his work. Over the years our messages have ranged from photography to writing, and on to many other topics related to golf. He's been one of my favorite internet pen pals and it has been a real pleasure to see his career take off the way it has. I knew he was destined for big things and when folks at the Golfers Journal and Golf Magazine came calling his status as one of golf's top photogs was quickly cemented. Today, he's raising a family and running point on all the photography for Golf Magazine/ while also working with some of the top brands in the sport. Those publications have never looked better as his work continues to evolve and impress. Hafer has been involved ina variety of other golf-related efforts including The Burning Cart Society( a personal favorite ) and I love hearing about what he's cooking up next. In this discussion, we touched on all sorts of creative concepts and of course talked in-depth about our love for golf, family, and the spiritual side of the game. While we've still never met in person, Hafer feels like an old friend. I think you'll walk away the same way after listening. If you don't follow Hafer on Instagram you are missing out. Find him at @hafe_life You can also check out Hafer's work at his website here If you enjoy the podcast, you might like some of my writing too. You can find it at Be sure to follow me on Twitter too. I always like to stir up some trouble there. I'm at @jayrevell Reviews and comments are greatly appreciated on any of your favorite listening platforms. Cheers, -J Mid-Am Crisis is a production of Revell Media, LLC