Dave Baysden - Golf Artist Extraordinaire


Dave Baysden might just be the best golf artist in the world today and I'm proud to say he has been a good friend of mine for some years now. Dave and I first connected online when he began posting images of his incredible golf paintings on his Instagram page. Since then, we've had the chance to play quite a bit of golf together and I always treasure the chance to catch up with him. After a career in graphic design, this year, Dave took a leap of faith to pursue his passion for golf art full time. I've been thrilled to hear of his success so far and I know there is much more to come. Dave's golf course paintings are incredibly unique and increasingly in-demand. I've always described his work as dream-like in that he offers a surrealist interpretation of what makes a course so special. Dave has created numerous pieces for me including illustrations for some of my stories. Since leaving his old job, Dave's got a waiting list of commissioned work, his creativity has flourished, and his phone keeps ringing with requests from clubs and collectors across the country. I'm so glad he took some time to talk with me about life, golf, art, and how all those things intertwine in a beautiful way. If you don't know Dave Baysden, you are missing out on one of the best guys in the game. After chatting, we are already scheming the next chance to play a few holes and do it again. I can't wait to see what comes from his studio next.

Be sure to check out Dave's website at https://www.davebaysden.com/

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