Joe Zwickl - Pinehurst Caddie and Golf Renaissance Man


Joe Zwickl is one of the most interesting men in golf these days. If there is a gathering of golfing diehards going down somewhere there is a good chance he's going to show up. Zwickl is often found hitting long drives and talking about the game at events hosted by No Laying Up, The Buck Club, and other golfing collectives. I first met him at such an outing and have since enjoyed rounds with him at a variety of golf destinations across the South. He's the exact sort of golfer I like getting in trouble with. Zwickl tends to stand out in the crowd too, he's a tall lad with tattoos and some serious game, and his story is just as interesting as his style. Based in Pinehurst, North Carolina there is nobody more equipped to show you around the Sandhills than him. With a background in the culinary industry, he also knows his way around a kitchen and can give you great restaurant recommendations for anywhere golf is played. I've been fortunate to call Zwickl a friend for a few years now and I'm looking forward to the next walk we can take together. Until then, I'm glad we got to catch up for a chat as he was getting ready to meet up with nearly 100 golf sickos at Zac Blair's Ringer event at Sweetens Cove Golf Club. If I had to bet he made a few new friends while there. To see more of Joe Zwickl in action, check him out on No Laying Up's Wild World of Golf You can also see some great swings from Zwickl in my recent Golf is Everywhere video essay from Pinehurst No. 3 For more of my writings and other musings on the game, please visit me at Thanks for listening! -J