Kevin Moore - UGA Professor, Co-founder - Golf Blueprint, Founder - Squares to Circles


Kevin Moore loves numbers. He's a professor of mathematics at the University of Georgia, but in golf circles, he's known for helping people apply data to improve their game. Moore first began this work through a business he founded called Squares to Circles and recently has helped launch a second game improvement company called Golf Blueprint. Both entities utilize player supplied data and proprietary algorithms to build roadmaps to lower scores. Beyond his career on campus and growing his golf start-ups, Moore is also an ambassador for the New Club Golf Society — something he’s incredibly passionate about. During our discussion, we talked about “the golf professor’s” personal journey in the game, the numbers behind his approach to game improvement, and why golf societies are finally catching on in America. We also dove into a range of reasons that golf connects folks like ourselves. The conversation left us both eager to hit the road for some golf exploration soon! It was a great way to start a new year. To learn more about Squares to Circles visit To start building your Golf Blueprint go check out Also, be sure to follow Kevin Moore on Twitter at @kevcmoore If you are enjoying Mid-Am Crisis, I hope you'll leave the show a review on Itunes and be sure to tell your friends. Cheers! -J