Laz Versalles - Golf Writer and Former Club Professional


I love getting to know people who are obsessed with golf. Laz Versalles is one such person. Laz is a former club professional who now writes about the game for outlets such as The Golfer's Journal,, and Deadspin. Although we've never met in person(we are hoping to change that soon) I feel like we were able to talk like old pals. Laz and I have exchanged many notes over Twitter in recent years(usually triggered by some mutual admiration) and I'm thrilled that we got to have an extended chat in this episode. Laz is truly one of golf's most interesting personas these days and I highly recommend giving him a follow on Twitter( @laz_versalles). He also makes his voice heard over on No Laying Up's message board called The Refuge. In our discussion, we talked about his family migration from Cuba to Minnesota, how he landed in California, and why you should never overlook strip malls for international cuisine. There was some golf talk too of course. I feel fortunate that golf Twitter has allowed me to know folks like Laz and I greatly appreciate that he took some time to catch up on our shared love for the game. Enjoy the show! For more podcast episodes like this one be sure to check out (Be sure to subscribe to your favorite listening app!) If you'd like to dive into my book or any of my other writings, please visit