Nov 5, 2020 • 59M

Matt Ginella - Executive Producer, Dawn Patrol Productions

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Jay Revell
Hi, my name is Jay Revell and golf is a massive part of my life. Lately, I've begun to worry that it might consume too much of it. With a young family, a startup media business, and a scratch handicap, I explore what it means to be addicted to golf in the modern world. On the show, I dive into the good, bad, ugly, and glorious in conversations with folks battling to find a balance between golf, life, and everything in between. Join me for conversations with some of golf's most interesting folks as we discuss just how much the game means to us all. Welcome to Mid-Am Crisis.
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Matt Ginella is one of golf's great ambassadors. He has over two decades of experience in the sports media business and is best known for his time at The Golf Channel. As one of the most familiar faces on that network, he served as the host of Golf Advisor Round Trip and was their voice for all things golf travel. Since leaving Golf Channel, Ginella has founded Dawn Patrol Productions. The new company produces a popular podcast called The Fire Pit with Matt Ginella and recently inked a deal with Golf Digest and Discovery, Inc. to create a variety of content for their platforms. I've enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Ginella over the last few years and I'm happy to report that his passion for the game of golf comes through in everything he does. He's a family man, community builder, and advocate for the kind of golf experiences that get people hooked on the sport. Each time I talk to Matt Ginella I come away more impressed with him as a person. This week's episode is further proof of that. We spoke as he is preparing to move his family and production team across the country to their new home in San Diego. Despite his leaving Florida, I'm confident our paths will continue to cross.

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