Feb 23, 2021 • 1HR 16M

Michael Williams - Founder, A Continuous Lean

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Jay Revell
Hi, my name is Jay Revell and golf is a massive part of my life. Lately, I've begun to worry that it might consume too much of it. With a young family, a startup media business, and a scratch handicap, I explore what it means to be addicted to golf in the modern world. On the show, I dive into the good, bad, ugly, and glorious in conversations with folks battling to find a balance between golf, life, and everything in between. Join me for conversations with some of golf's most interesting folks as we discuss just how much the game means to us all. Welcome to Mid-Am Crisis.
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Michael Williams is not a golf expert, but he certainly has a passion for the game and the lifestyles that come with it. His blog, A Continuous Lean, has become one of the most popular sites in the country for menswear enthusiasts thanks to his storytelling abilities and nose for the unique. Now, he's getting ready to apply that same enthusiasm to his love for golf. In 2021, Williams is launching a new site called ACLgolf.com which will be a home for content based around what he calls the "intersection of golf's concentric circles." I like to think that Williams and I would run into each other in those circles quite often. I've only known him for the past year, but each time we get a chance to speak, I feel like we are simply on the same wavelength, especially when talking golf. In our most recent conversation, we discussed many of our favorite theories on the game including its undeniable mental health benefits. We compared notes on some favorite travel spots and spent quite a few minutes talking about personal style and the expression of individual beliefs. The latter may not sound like golf topics, but I can assure you they are. Michael Williams is the perfect example of how the internet has helped me build relationships all across the world through conversations about golf. Despite living on the other side of America and having never met in person, each time we talk it feels like catching up with an old golfing friend. That's what golf does and I'm awfully glad the game connected the two of us. I think you'll see why when you listen to the show. Be sure to follow Michael on Twitter @Acontinuouslean Follow all things ACL at https://www.acontinuouslean.com/ Follow me on Twitter @jayrevell If you enjoy Mid-Am Crisis, I hope you'll leave a review on your favorite listening platform. Cheers and Thanks for listening. -J Mid-Am Crisis is a production of Revell Media, LLC