Michael Wolf - President, 288 Sports and Golf Aficionado


Michael Wolf is best known for his golf history enthusiasm on Twitter. His handle, @BamaBearcat , has become one of the top sources for interesting tidbits and unique stories about golf. He also chronicles his travels around the globe in pursuit of the game. To support his golf habits and massive historical book collection, Wolf works as a full-time manager for multiple touring professionals. His company, 288 Sports represents a select number of PGA Tour members with which he has a close relationship. I've known Wolf through Twitter for a few years now and highly recommend him as a follow for my fellow golf history and travel enthusiasts. One of these days I'm going to take him up on the offer to jump on a plane and go chase golf courses. Our conversation in this episode certainly made me eager to go. Be sure to follow Michael on Twitter at @BamaBearcat You can also get a taste of his favorite courses in this great article - https://www.ukgolfguy.com/golf-blog/michael-wolf-favourite-courses Follow me on Twitter at @JayRevell If you enjoy Mid-Am Crisis I hope you'll leave a review on your favorite listening platform. You can find more about me and my work in golf at https://jayrevell.com/ Cheers and thanks for listening. -J