Ryan Carey - Co-founder, Golden Age Golf Auctions


Ryan Carey is one of golf's top memorabilia experts. He is a Co-founder of the highly reputable company Golden Age Golf Auctions. Since founding the company with his partner Bob Zafian in 2006, Carey has become the go-to figure for those looking to buy or sell the greatest treasures from golf history. With a Rolodex that spans the globe, he has helped bring hard to find items like major championship trophies, rare clubs, limited edition books, early golf photography, autographed items, and other unique finds to market. You may remember the story of his company(originally named Green Jacket Auctions) getting sideways with the folks at Augusta National Golf Club after selling a few of their precious coats. Today, with a new name and an impressive track record, the phone is ringing more than ever. The golf boom brought on by the pandemic has only grown the market for collectors and Golden Age Auctions continues to deliver. Carey joins me on Mid-Am crisis to talk about his most recent auction which was headlined by a collection of Gary Player's major trophies. We also talked about his personal collection, what items he imagines will be hot in the coming years, and a few artifacts he wishes he could get his hands on. Beyond selling the coolest stuff in golf, Ryan Carey is also a great guy and true lover of golf. I'm hoping that we can tee it up and talk some more history soon. Every time we chat I learn something new about the game. This episode is no different. To learn more about Ryan Carey and his company please visit https://goldenagegolfauctions.com/ To find more of my musings on golf, including my booke, The Nine Virtues of Golf, check out https://jayrevell.com/