Samantha Marks - CEO of SKRAM Marketing, LLC. Formerly of Golf Channel & Arkansas Golf


Samantha Marks likes to share her golf takes on Twitter. That's how she has developed a large following and it has even helped her build a successful business. Marks has a knack for modern media - undoubtedly shaped by her stint in broadcast journalism. She formerly worked for the Golf Channel until the company went through a severe reorganizing. Now, she's running her own marketing firm with many growing clients in the golf industry. Marks loves to talk golf online and she isn't afraid to mix in humorous accounts from her personal life. That approach continues to pay off with opportunities like contributing words for The Golfer's Journal and doing brand collaborations with companies like Amstel Light. In our discussion, Marks shared her journey to playing collegiate golf at Arkansas, her pivot to working in media, and how losing her job at Golf Channel led to her becoming a business owner. She's a tenacious spirit and a witty commentator on the day to day happenings in golf. After following her for some time, I'm convinced that she will continue to capture the attention of golfers around the globe. We had a great chat and I'm hopeful it will lead to many more.

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