Trey Runkle - Founder, Outside the Cut


In this week's episode, my friend Trey Runkle joins me for a sprawling golf centered conversation. You may know Trey from the great work he does with his website Outside the Cut. He's also a prolific contributor to the world so many of us know as "golf twitter." Trey and I caught up on a range of topics including the golf scene in Washington, D.C., how everything has gone downhill since the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, and what stories we are still yet to experience in the rest of the year. Trey always makes for a great conversation and I'm so glad we got the chance to chat. He's a great writer and someone who truly keeps his finger on the pulse of the game. If you ever get the chance to hit him up for a few holes I highly recommend it. Although, as he points out in our discussion, I still owe him a round of golf for standing him up at the Winter Park 9 last January. I'm hopeful he can forgive me...

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